Monday, January 28, 2013

What comes first in your life?

Settle everthing for my ticket to my hometown..alhamdulillah.. Well,this March my cousin got a wedding.. so excited doo..tak habis lagi memory bulan 12.. continue again with this..but,for this wedd it's not really that busy.. fIRSTLY,i'm having my hard time sama ada need to go or not..I cant make any decisions,so malam tu I take a long time utk fikir but at last mamak said "BALIK ZARITH!!" AHAHHAHAHHA.. Im happy too! Thanks a lot Mom,i really mean it.. Maybe almost people said she is so GARANG but she has a very kind heart .. Tak kenal maka tak cinta.. I relly admire her when it comes to problems and all of that I think she is the one who sacrifice herself for others especilly for her family.. I think she really work hard for her son and daughter and husband and all the family.. In the morning,she work in X-ray,Hospital and at night she need to do bussiness for restoren.. Awesome!! Daebakkk!! For her,family always comes first.. after that baru money.. My mom is just like If she has RM 10,she will give you RM9..and RM1 left is just for her..and if you penat 10x ganda.. mamak lebih penat 80x ganda..IS NOT EASY TO BECOME A "REAL" MOTHER... KANNNN??? but everyone not perfect eause one thing my mom I really afraid of she is extremely seriously "CEREWET" hahha.. especially about KEBERSIHAN,FOOD,PEMAKAIAN,KAWAN..ALMOST everything..! Kalau cerita pasal KEBERSIHAN,seminggu nak cerita..Mamak x suka rumah kotor... That is the most important..maybe sebab my NENEK pon macam tu.. Jadi terikut2 lah..FOOD pulak,dya paling x suka makanan yg ada campuran "SOS",she really hate it but dia kena akur sbb sy suka jugak mkn ayam masak merah..hahhaha.. PEMAKAIAN pulak,dia paling tak suka bila saya pilih pakaian coz everytime I choose my cloth,MCM ORG TUA..haiyyaa,,,sadisss...KAWAN pulak,she dont want me to berpeleseran dgn kawan lelaki di luar PALING PANTANG but in front of her it's alright.. hhahaha.. JGN KAWAN DGN BUDAK YG NAKAL NAUZUBILLAH.. Pesan dya.. Im not said saya baik but NAKAL YG TAHAP NAUZUBILLAH tu mcm MINAH REMP-IT ker..PENAGIH DADAH ke... inhaallah DIJAUHKAN.. so APA2 pon MY mamak is THE GREAT IN MY HEART!!! SHE IS MY HERO!! my MOM
tHIS IS ME.. WELL budak Rajin SGT.. hahaha
so sweet gituuu!
me and mimi
anak beranak