Wednesday, March 13, 2013

my secret one..

Well,such a long time i'm not update my today,adalah sikit kesempatan nak luah something with bloggie.. Back to the topic,my secret one is refer to someone that I like so much.. Biasalah..sometime kita akan ada perasaan kat someone.. but just only we knew about it..Im not sure if I like him or what..or just minat.. entah.. This feel grow day by day.. Hahaha... mcm lucu tapi kesian pun ada ibarat bertepuk sebelah tangan kan.. but never mind.. sbb someone that I like so much pun dah ada yang punya.. so,biarkan this thing be my own big secret... kadang2 pedih jugak simpan lama2~~apakan daya..I'm not going to disturb other relationship...and..siapalah saya di mata semua orang..Im just simple girl ..I'm not beautiful like a princess,I'm not slim as model..I'm just a fat girl who did not deserve for all tis thing..maybe i'm just nothing for him..Bukan nak merendah kan diri .. But that is a fact... A man who like him only see a girl yg cantik2,lawa2,kurus2.. hurmmm.. but for me,i'm bersyukur apa yang ada pada diri saya..Ignore wat people said to us..But,if I got a chance to make a confession to it i am really going to do it??It might not happend to me!maybe saya tak layak kot...hurmm... biarlah dia menjadi rahsia buat saya..kalau dia baca pun,bukannya dya tahu pun kan..kepada hati saya sendiri,this is life ok.. kadang2 apa yang kita inginkan dan mahukan tak semuanya dapat.. accept the reality that he just like a shadows in your life.. But im not going to forget just like that..I will keep it deep inside my sweet heart..If he know how i feel..hurmmm... maybe he should proud for himself sbb buat ZARITH SOFIA ni fall in not easy buat saya to fall in love with someone..for me,appearance is nothing..i like who is unic and jujur pada diri.. Oklah Zarith..Just STOP this story here.. For my secret one,i really hope that u berbahagia dgn dia..itu dah cukup for me to be happy again..I will happy if you're happy too with her..